Colorado Room Update #2

Fortunately there is not a deadline on this room!  Here are some more pictures of the Colorado Room as it progresses toward completion.  A majority of the electrical has been fixed for this room along with the structural issues in two of the walls which are load bearing walls.

The drywall was installed once I was able to replace the termite damaged studs and the supports for the window. This picture shows that the window hasn’t been installed quite yet.

Our third wall taped and mudded except for the corner.

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Garage Repair


Repairs and maintenance are constantly needing to be done to homes.  The home you will see below needs to have the garage repaired correctly without having to replace two panels of the garage which average around $200 each.  I was able to repair both garage doors for less than what one panel cost and saved the homeowner a ton of money!



Shown is the original center bracket for the top panel of the garage door. The problem with this bracket is that it is torn at the top and bottom and is no longer dependable or safe.


You can seewhere the bracket used to be and where we will install the new bracket to make this door sturdy and safe.


As you can see wheels were needing replaced and anchored back down to the door in order to make both garage doors operate smoothly.


The replacement bracket was installed and the operating arm was reconnected to the garage door and works great!

Both garage doors needed some tlc so as you can see we replaced the bracket on garage door #2 while we were at it.

Windows were broken out of both garage doors so they were replaced with plexi-glass. A total of three windows were replaced and you can’t tell which ones have been replaced!

This repair took some work but it was well worth the time spent!  The repair looks great and the homeowner was very pleased with the quality!  If you have any repair needs feel free to call Right Hand Man, LLC at 913.961.2891!


Jefferson Project

This job is pretty straight forward.  We ripped out the old vinyl flooring and replaced it with new.  There were a few things that needed to be done to prep for the new flooring such as pulling the trim, the toilet, and the water shut off valve for the toilet.

Here you see that I pulled the toilet making it easier to pull the trim behind the toilet. The toilet has to come up anyway in order to put down the new vinyl flooring. Once the trim was pulled I then ripped out the old underlayment and vinyl.


Here you can see the finished product with the toilet reinstalled and the trim and floor vent put back into place. Also, a new wax ring was installed on the toilet to prevent future leaking that the old one had and a new water shut off valve was used to replace the old one.

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Home improvements, remodels & Home Repairs – Classified Ad

Home improvements, remodels & Home Repairs – Classified Ad.

Colorado Room Update

The Colorado Room is in full swing as you can see in the photos I have posted below.  As with any remodeling job other fixes need to be made along the way to make the job right.

I pulled off the drywall on the first wall and found holes in the duct work. The holes were from when paneling had been installed. As you can see in the picture I used metal tape in order to keep the air flow from escaping. There was actually quite a bit of air coming out even from small punctures from finish nails.

This is the inside of the exterior wall where in my previous post you could see had the majority of the water damage. I found that someone had filled the empty space in the house paneling with concrete and another area with a brick to keep water out. It was then covered with a 1×8 to hide the wood rotten panels. This is not the right way to go about this fix. New insulation was put in to replace the molded insulation.  The exterior was is temporarily okay but will have to be fixed soon to avoid anymore water damage.

Here is our final wall that will need to have supports added in order to correct the shifting in this area of the house. So we are going to beef this wall up a little which should eliminate the drywall cracking issue that was in this room before.

This has been a great build so far and there will be many more pictures to come!  If you need any remodeling work done feel free to give me a call.  I give free estimates and referral bonuses!!!

Colorado Room

The Colorado Room is one of the projects that I am getting ready to start.  The overall design of the room will give it that Colorado feel when you enter the room along with the smell of the cedar that we will be installing.  Below you will see some before pictures of what the room looks like before we get started.

Here you can see the before picture of a portion of the room. The orange fireplace will be kept but the color will be changed. Neither the base trim nor the crown moulding was cut properly and the window was insulated with paper towels!

 Please feel free to follow my blog if you are curious to see how this remodel turns out.  If you need some work done give me a call and I will do a free estimate for you!

Upcoming Projects

Right Hand Man has a project coming up on a basement remodel.  The fireplace has been removed and also the two layers of paneling on all four walls.  The basement will have a Colorado type theme to it where we will change the look of the fireplace, replace the drywall due to water damage, and add cedar paneling behind the fireplace and along the ledge that will be built into the upper portion of the wall.  This is going to be an exciting project!!!  I will have some before pictures posted soon.  Can’t wait to get started on this one!

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